Cafe Games with Rae

My 2nd grader’s school starts 40 minutes after her older sister’s, so instead of returning home we have “cafe time” where we make up games. This blog will chronicle these no-tech/low-tech games.

Game 1: Tree-Ent-Tolkien

Play: Player 1 chooses a random word. Player 2 says a word beginning with the last letter of the first word that is as closely associated thematically to it as possible. Example:

Word 1: tree (chosen randomly)

Word 2: Ent (the tree people from LOTR) 10 points.

Word 3: Tolkien. 9 points.

Word 4: Niven (sci fi writer). 7 points

Word 5: novel. 5 points

Word 6: letter. 5 points

Proper nouns are ok and the next word can refer to a different meaning of the previous word (or even a homophone as this is all spoken).

To avoid a rut of similar high-scoring sequences from game to game (i.e. ‘tree’ always leading to ‘Ent’), you can decide that the next word must start with the second-to-last letter (or third, etc.)

Give it a try. If you do, post your game results.

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